Service agreement
1. to provide a temporary driver. Chauffeur Services Ltd provides a driver with more than eight years of actual driving experience, familiar with the traffic situation in the city of Chengdu.
2. Chengdu city chauffeur Services Ltd has been for a long time the formal management of drivers and professional etiquette training, driver uniform uniform
3. Entrusted by driving the vehicle shall be 12 seats and the following non-commercial vehicles, and ensure the good condition, car logo, as well as the relevant documents in accordance with provisions of national laws and regulations.
4. Clients should ensure that vehicle documents (including, but not limited to driving license, insurance and environment mark) the authenticity and in good condition. If the client provides false documents or any adverse condition, whether that client be intent or negligence, arising from all legal responsibility borne by the customer.
5. client services, in the case of wine drive for future generations, unless otherwise stated, Chengdu city, agent-driving chauffeur services limited as trustee for a long time by people as a whole, in the service process, by officers on the bus service to drivers instructions on behalf of clients, clients have stated otherwise.
6. insurance of special conventions: except for the traffic compulsory insurance, vehicle shall have more than 100,000 yuan of the principal insurance CDW not less than 100,000 yuan and insurance of third party liability insurance, if you do not comply with the above requirements, shall inform in writing the driver.
7. traffic accident responsibility processing: driver driving process in the if appeared traffic accident, accident responsibility to traffic police made finds for associate: belongs to third party unilateral responsibility of, Chengdu city long generation driving service limited not negative any responsibility; third party and driver are has responsibility or driver unilateral responsibility of, by client itself to insurance company claims, traffic forced insurance and commercial insurance compensation lines zhiwai of part by Chengdu city long generation driving service limited bear.
8. traffic: drivers should obey the traffic laws and regulations, and civilized driving, drivers service causes the client to be fined for violation of traffic rules, paid for by Chengdu city chauffeur Services Ltd, for a long time.
9. duty of care: client if any valuables in the car, customer vehicles travelling, you should take care of customers when there is no truck with peers, valuables should be removed from the vehicle, take care.
10. unexpected condition: normal chauffeur driving, the driver if the vehicle appears in a puncture, or other failures of spontaneous combustion caused by collision or other accident, Chengdu city chauffeur Services Ltd shall not be liable for a long time.
11. illegal activities against principles: the trustee shall not be forced or fraudulent means by drivers engaged in illegal activities, such as illegal operations, the carriage of dangerous goods, deck vehicles, stealing and robbing cars, and other vehicles with no legal procedure, as a result of any legal responsibility borne by the customer.
12. force majeure: owing to the resistance caused losses on both sides, both sides are responsible.
13. service time calculation standards: the timer shall prevail.
14. service fees: service fee of 100 yuan per hour, less than 1 hour to 1 hour; more than 1 hour 10 minutes plus 10 Yuan each, less than 10 minutes to 10 minutes, after 1 o'clock in the morning to a service charge of 150 Yuan. Where needs beyond the standard service charge substitute for return cost drivers, otherwise agree; to the airport service in accordance with the standard service charges. Service parking fee and toll fee and refueling fees and other costs by the customer is responsible for: Agent-drive after the client the actual service charges should be paid the chauffeur service company for a long time in Chengdu.
15. driver services after the client inventory items and check the condition of the vehicle, if there is any problem, should be presented to the driver immediately, if the client is not challenged on the spot, as both sides have completed the delegate, delegation agreements end.
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