Ching Ming holiday to fire the driver

Qingming Festival holiday is approaching, 7 and 7 seats minibus will once again enjoy rapid free traffic benefits. 22nd, reporters learned that cemeteries of rent a car and drive business gets very hot compared to last year not only to book a week in advance, and whether it is economical and practical cars or luxury vehicles are welcome.
22 10 o'clock today, in a rental car in xinyanglu, Zhang told Xinhua she from 8 o'clock until now to call this company never get through, heard from neighbors that now a lot of people, so I came to consult in person. According to the car rental company head Zhang Yang introduces, lumpy rental cars last year was during the Spring Festival, a week before the may day holiday, is expected this year, the company leased in the following week's highest peak.
reporter in an interview that the current rental market, manual 120 Yuan/day, automatic transmission/130-day Southeast Ling Yuet and manual 170 Yuan/day, the Elantra automatic 180/day is very popular, and advanced modern Sonata VIII and the Honda Accord between Japan rental in 400-500, is particularly sought after. Nangang district, said Li Yuzhe, library Street in car hire chauffeur company, the company a total of 30 vehicles, has rented up to the 21st Sixteen-Seven, economical and practical cars and high-end models equal. Li Yuzhe said that the higher-priced models such as Buick GL8 minivan and the Honda Odyssey, is generation drove thousands of Yuan a day on average of consumption, there are plenty of advance.
Ching Ming Festival holiday express chauffeur services are free with fire, 28-year-old man Qu Peng is just back from Beijing to see, find his chauffeur was recently dialed. "Arrived at the Unit received some work, including a 6 going to jixi's grave, day to day, and can earn 300 yuan. "Qu Peng said," more than more than 100 master driver in the company, 1/3 was booked for more than out. BACK
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