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During the holidays, 85% small business car cars are seized upon to rent an empty, other car rental conditions are also very good. Car owners got an unexpected holiday gift from the Highway 7 seats car free. According to estimates, this initiative enables the public to drive overall cost savings of more than 30%. This was a fillip, makes the car become a new craze. For drivers, not driving still accounts for most, ordering small addendum to recommend to you, was driving on the freeway to note something. Before
high speed, vehicle owners must take time to carefully check the overall condition, including adequacy of oil, batteries and lamps are functioning and reliability of the brake. In broke down on the freeway is just bad luck, in case of brake failure that is the test of life and death. Need to focus on is tires and tire pressure. As we all know, if there are no healthy tires, even the top Super car runs up; and tire problems such as cracks or bulging, is the risk of having a flat tire, high-speed burst basically non-death injury. So, at high speed before carefully check the condition of tires, get rid of death in advance.
from the ramp into the driveway when observing and speed, many drivers (especially newbies) from the ramp into the lane at high speed, regardless of whether the rear car, straight up lane. Do this either scared behind the car, or out of their wits, the worst result is that led to deadly crashes.
the Highway pass vehicles on the highway speeds are fast overtaking was not an arbitrary thing. When overtaking, estimated the distance and speed on both sides, situation normal, trumpet, open the left-turn signal, from lane overtaking and are not allowed to overtake on the right.
try to avoid driving at night on the highway, highway and no street lights, only along the reflecting signs so night driving risk is quite high. Night driving is not only limited vision, headlight glare, and pilot fatigue more easily, when they encounter unexpected situations it is difficult to make the right response in a timely manner. Therefore, multiple nights tend to be highway accident. BACK
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