Drink-driver on the spot to sign an agreement

"Drunk-driving into the punishment" effects of drunk driving business fire. Many people said that if drivers running red lights or speeding fines who pays? Property damage on the car, private chauffeur take responsibility? In this regard, industry insiders say, drunk driving, the best spot to sign a deal. But there are also people, Dazed by drink may remember how to sign the agreement, and there was no need. Reporter Zhu Cailing Li Hongyan

a drink called the driver lost "drinking to drive, then find the driver, but what's driving the company is normal ... ..." said the driver, Liu Zengqian was not a part of the public. Yesterday, Mr LAU told reporters made a phone call to tell his experience.
said Mr Liu, a get-together with friends to drink a lot of wine, a friend gave him a driver card, about the other driver. "At that time I did not think, just want to go home and shower sleeping, driving the next day found that meant to a friend one of the more expensive stuff is gone. "Mr Liu said.
found nothing after his chauffeur's phone call, was asked whether he saw the things the other side said it did not see.
"no way, I'm completely out of luck. "Mr Liu said.
lot of driver only verbal agreements
found in the reporter visited, the driver was a verbal agreement, responsibility is silent on both sides.
reporters found several driver on the Internet phone, and in his capacity as a customer dials a few phone calls. "When you need the driver, give me a call 2 hours in advance. "When a reporter asked if he needed to sign agreements," without signing a contract and paying guests to the designated place on the line, no bother. "The other said.
then, the reporter also called a chauffeur company, to tell reporters that when drivers receive a task, will take an acceptance form to substitute driving for the guests, need to fill out the driver on the acceptance form time, items such as cars, pick-up location, where, if visitors have any questions, you can with this acceptance form to file a complaint.
driver Protocol to check or not to check?
If drivers running red lights or speeding fines who pays? Property damage on the car, private chauffeur take responsibility? Reporters in the interview that currently market chauffeur company in Jinan said there is no sign the agreement. This agreement should sign it?
"driver is actually a risk professional, in the owner's before her, should confirm with owners of vehicle exterior no scratches on the car, valuables, such as to enter into an agreement for the driver, traffic accidents, property details, such as conventions, so you can avoid unnecessary disputes. "Members of the public said Mr Yang, the driver who is also a protection, would be beneficial to both sides.
, however, Mr LEE of the public objections about the generation coming to the site to sign an agreement, "don't sign the contract, Dazed by drink or what! There was no need. "In his view, have been found drive company, sign agreement to gild, too much trouble.
"the industry"
/> reservation phone contract evidence in a number of lawyers, although the drinking driver and chauffeur company or the drivers there is no written contract between, but from the facts of the situation, they actually have been formed between the contractual relationship. "According to the contract, contract has three forms: written contracts, verbal contracts, and other forms of contract, an oral contract is a contract, for example, make a telephone booking chauffeur, that is actually an oral agreement or contract, it is also a fact that contract. In addition, there are similar services such as cards, acceptance form, are all evidence of a contractual relationship. "Strong law firm in Shandong Fang Bo said.
Although not hard to finds on the evidence from employers and contractual relationship between the driver, but Shandong jinglu law firm Director, Hao Jiyong, chauffeur services as an emerging industry, promising situation is very awkward, needs to have the relevant laws and regulations, clearly the rights and obligations of the parties, "for example, from a government perspective, the business sector should purify the driver market, ' Heidai drive ' clean out the driver team and driver market should have a normative legal contracts, or some simple form of contract, also need to issue invoices and so on, so as to regulate the market. "
at the same time, Hao Jiyong also reminds the need to substitute driving personnel, should try to choose the regular chauffeur company, should not blindly on the Internet private chauffeur," If there is a problem or dispute, it is difficult to claim the rights. "
drunk driving form
drunk riding fuel power car
also has may" into penalty "
a men suspected dangerous driving crime was bail awaiting trial
business reported Jinan message (correspondent according to reporter Zhu Cailing) May 1 up, drunk driving into penalty, many driver more comply with" drive not drinking, and drinking not drive "of concept, but many open fuel power car of driver is still no stretched tight this root string: fuel power car also is motor vehicle? Recently, a drunk man riding found the driver of gas scooters gas scooters for motor vehicles, on suspicion of dangerous driving, by public security guarantor.
22:30 May 4, driver Chen driving gas scooters on the East side of the Central Mountain mass daily hostel, collided with a car and two cars damaged, Chen was injured. Jinan lixia Police Brigade in the process of investigation, found someone arrested for drink driving after its extracted a blood sample for testing, whose blood-alcohol content of 188.07mg/100ml, has exceeded the standard for drunken driving. After interrogation Chen confessed their crime of drunk driving accidents. Chen currently on suspicion of dangerous driving, has been public security organ of the bail.
a lot of people know about motorcycles for motor vehicles, drunken ride, gas scooters are motor vehicles? Reporters learned from the transport sector, based on relevant finds, gas scooters on the market today are part of a motor vehicle, part of non-motor vehicles, if they are identified as the vehicle and drunken driving, are bound to be sentenced.
what kind of gas scooters motor vehicles?
GB17284-1998 of the motorized bicycles to motorized bicycles has the following definition: equipped with a gasoline engine, with two wheels, able to pedal and motor function of two special bike. Vehicle main technical indicators: moped cylinder displacement of less than 30mL, bicycle car net weight should be less than 40kg, bicycle motor clutch disengaged State should be governed by human pedal drive, bicycle, the maximum speed is not more than 20km/h.
according to GB7258-2004 motor vehicle run security technology conditions on two round light motorcycle of defined: "regardless of used what drive way, its highest design speed is unlikely to Yu 50km/h, and if using engine, its displacement is unlikely to Yu 50ml of two round or three vehicles, including two round light motorcycle and three light motorcycle, but not including highest design speed is unlikely to Yu 20km/h of electric drive of two round vehicles".
for example, Chan the golden bird for two-wheel drive petrol vehicle tested was informed that the cars to emit 49ml; vehicle weight greater than 40kg; no human foot-driven device was designed. Are motor vehicles.
drunk ride a three-wheeled motorcycle man detained in

business Jinan News (correspondent according to Xinhua Zhu Cailing)
on May 5, road traffic accident in a drunk motorcycle driver was arrested for dangerous driving will be held criminally responsible.
5 day 21 o'clock, Sun Lu, NJV**6, driving ordinary three-wheeled motorcycle in front of Yao Jia Zhuang, No. 619, collided with two cars parked on the roadside, caused a three-car traffic accident. After the accident, Sun driving escape, was caught by people. Jinan lixia Police Brigade in the process of investigation, found that Sun was arrested for drink driving, after its extracted blood samples tested, his blood-alcohol content of 299.17mg/100ml, has exceeded the standard for drunken driving. After interrogation, Sun on the drunken driving confessed crimes escaped after the accident. May 6, at 17 o'clock, Sun was arrested for dangerous driving offence under criminal detention by public security organs, is now detained at the detention center in Jinan City.

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